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Building Rules and Regulations
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Cousins Properties

Contractor/Vendor Rules and Regulations - General Activity

General Information

  1. All requests and notifications to Cousins Properties shall be made by contacting the Customer Service Center at (404) 607-6700.
  2. All workers must be fully clothed (shirts, pants & shoes) at all times while on the Property or in the Building.
  3. Workers may not eat or take breaks in the public areas of the Building. Smoking will only be permitted on the loading dock and in the designated smoking area adjacent the Garage Elevator Lobby on Level 1. Cigarette butts shall be discarded responsibly.
  4. The Contractor shall be permitted to use the vending machines that are located on Level 6 of the Garage and the Loading Dock only.
  5. The Contractor shall be held liable for all damage done to the Property or the Building by any of his personnel or subcontractors. Any damage shall be reported immediately to Cousins Properties and corrected in a timely manner acceptable to Cousins Properties.
  6. While on the Property all workers shall conduct themselves in a professional and workman-like manner.
  7. Workers shall use restrooms and drinking fountains only on the floor on which the Project is located. NOTE: If floor is occupied, workers must use the service level restrooms and drinking fountain.
  8. All common areas and lobbies will be protected at all times and cleaned daily (floor cover).
  9. Contractors are not permitted to place phone calls from tenant or Management office phones.
  10. A minimum $50 fine will be imposed on the Contractor for any and all violations to these rules and regulations, whether such violation is caused by any employee of the Contractor or any employee of any subcontractor working on this Project.

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