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Bomb Threats
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The success of the building’s preventive strategy requires the full cooperation of all tenants. All suspicious individuals, activities, articles, packages or situations should be reported to the Customer Service Center immediately. We depend on your eyes and ears to help keep the building safe.

Generally most bomb threats are false, they are intended to disrupt operations and cause confusion. If a bomb is intended to kill, injure, and destroy there is typically no advance warning, as that would defeat the purpose. Regardless, every threat should be taken seriously until proven otherwise.



  1. Keep the person talking as long as possible.
  2. As you are speaking with the caller, record the information received on the attached Bomb Threat Report Form, located at the end of this section. Note the characteristics of the caller such as gender, tone of voice, age, accents, and background noises. Keep a copy of the report form in the main reception / telephone area for easy access. Review the form with your staff and ask them to use it, if necessary.
  3. At the end of the call, dial *69 and record any number provided by the service.
  4. Call 911 or the local emergency number.
  5. Provide the dispatcher with the following information:
    • Name
    • Type of Emergency
    • Company Name
    • Physical Building Address [not building name]
    • Floor and Suite Number
    • T elephone Number
    • Any information from the Bomb Threat Report Form
  6. Listen to the dispatcher for any additional instructions before hanging up.
  7. Call the Customer Service Center.

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