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Chemical, Biological or Radiological Event

In today’s world, we have a heightened awareness of the emerging threat of terrorism by unconventional weapons. The most dangerous forms of these weapons are often the most difficult to manufacture, transport and weaponize because they are volatile, difficult to produce and employ. The response to an incident involving CBR agents is similar to any other incident involving hazardous materials.


  1. Call 911 or the local emergency number.
  2. Provide the dispatcher with the following information:
    • Name
    • Type of Emergency
    • Company Name
    • Physical Building Address [not building name]
    • Floor and Suite Number
    • Telephone Number
  3. Listen to the dispatcher for any additional instructions before hanging up.
  4. Call the Customer Service Center.
  5. Remain calm.
    • Isolate the object, area and those exposed.
    • Evacuate the area move occupants up wind at least 300 feet away.
    • Move from the contaminated site, closing doors as you move away.
    • Notify the local authorities and the customer service center.
  6. Control access to the contaminated area, keep others away from the contaminant.
  7. Isolate contaminated individuals do not allow them to contaminate others.
  8. You may flush a contaminated area with water. Persons who have been contaminated should undress and flush with water, and take a shower with soap and water as soon as possible.
  9. A partial or full evacuation may be ordered if the incident is deemed credible, or if mandated by the local authorities. The Customer Service Center will call each tenant’s primary contact to inform him or her of the incident.

If danger is unsubstantiated, the building may remain open for business, The Customer Service Center will call each tenant’s primary contact to inform him or her of the incident. It is up to each individual tenant, to decide independently whether to evacuate the building or remain open for business. If the building remains open and your company chooses to close and evacuate the building, please notify the Customer Service Center so there is a record that your suite is empty. This information will be important if the incident escalates.

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