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General Security Tips

Security - During Business Hours

You may choose to unlock or lock your suite entrances during normal business hours. Although we try to maintain a secure working environment, many people enter the building every day and we cannot guarantee complete safety. You can take several preventive measures to keep your area more secure. For example:

  • Lock all doors when leaving your suite unattended.
  • Instruct employees to keep valuables and personal property in secured areas (locked desks, file cabinets or closets) when leaving their areas unattended.
  • Always keep safes, vaults, strongboxes or similar devices locked, particularly when unattended. Do not divulge combinations of safes or vaults or leave combinations where they can be found or easily deciphered.
  • Record serial numbers of all valuable office equipment. If anything is stolen or missing, a record of serial numbers will aid in the tracking of the items.

Security - After Business Hours

  • After normal business hours, please make sure that all entry doors to your suite are closed and locked.
  • Do not allow anyone to follow you into the building after normal business hours. If you encounter someone having problems gaining entrance into the building, do not let them in. Instead, contact the management office/customer service center.
  • The management office recommends that you keep all valuables and personal property locked up during non-business hours.


  • To reduce crime, emphasis should be placed on preventive rather than reactive measures. Preventive measures against office thefts and crimes against persons can best be achieved through the individual efforts of each employee.
  • All suspicious or criminal activities should be reported immediately, first to the police department and then to the management office/customer service center.
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